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On the picture above you can view the Avon River and the Edmonds Rotunda. The Avon River is located in Chiristchurch, New Zealand. The Maori call the river Putare Kamutu or Otakaro. The river was named by John Deans after the River Avon in Scotland in 1848. The Edmonds Rotunda has been built in the year 1920 for public band concerts but has been later on exactly in 1987; it was converted to a restaurant. It was donated by Thomas Edmonds of Edmonds baking powder fame “sure to rise”. The design of the rotunda has been made by Victor Robert Dean and built in 1929 by Neil Mc Gillivray. Thomas Edmonds is also the founder of Edmonds factory and Gardens in Ferry Road. The Edmond’s Clock Tower has also been established by Thomas Edmonds and his wife Jane. It was to commemorate their jubilee home in Christchurch. He constructed as well telephone cabinet, shelter, lighting and seating. Thomas Edmonds contributed a lot to the city of Christchurch.



Christchurch Avon River Rotunda




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