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Catlins is an area with a lot of scenic views. Here on this picture you can observe the Tautuku Peninsula. The Tautuku Peninsula is in the region of Catlins in New Zealand. Tautuku is a rocky cliffs located on the south coast on the South Island, you can see on the photo how beautiful is the view. The beach is very famous and popular and much visited by tourists visiting Catlins. In the past the Tautuku Peninsula was known as a whaling base used by the first European who settled in Catlins. For those who like these type of places for holidays you may find on the peninsula a large number of holiday houses, the houses are mostly only reachable by four wheel cars or tractors as there has been no road construction. Catlins is much visited for its scenic landscape. So while visiting the South island of New Zealand, do not miss to have a stay in Catlins region.



Catlins Tautuku Peninsula




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