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Catlins is located on the South island of New Zealand. It is situated between Balclutha and Invercargill. Catlins is also often called The Catlins Coast. Catlins has a small population of around 1,200. Catlins has a beautiful coastal landscape and has dense temperate forests. These forests are the home of a variety of endangered bird species. Catlins has an area of around 1900 km square. The highest point in Catlins is Mount Pye with 720m. Catlins has also a lot of little lakes found a little bit everywhere as the Lake Wilkie, Catlins Lake. Catlins climate is cool and temperate. The very first inhabitants of Catlins were the Maoris of the Waitaha, Kati Mamoe and Kai Tahu iwi. Iwi is considered as a nation. Catlins was also one of the last places where the Moa, the big flightless bird, could be found. The first Europeans first came in Catlins in the year 1770. It was the team of the Captain James Cook who first discovered Catlins.







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