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Banks Peninsula is situated in the region of Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand. The Banks is partly surrounded of the Pacific Ocean. The Banks Peninsula has an area of around one thousand km square. The population of Banks Peninsula is over 7.000. The first settlement on the Banks was by the Waitaha, they were followed by Kati Mamoe and afterwards Ngai Tahu. James Cook and his crew were the first European settlers on the Banks during the year 1769. The peninsula’s name was given by James Cook after the botanist of the Endeavour, Joseph Banks. As from the year 1830 the peninsula became a European whaling centre. It is said that in the past the peninsula was covered by ninety eight percent of forest. The highest point of Banks Peninsula is Mount Herbert with a height of 919 meters. Banks Peninsula has two large stratovolacanoes the Lyttelton and Akaroa. Lyttelton was first formed. They are both port towns of Banks Peninsula. Lyttelton has a population of over 3.000, Akaroa does a large number of populations but it has a large number of residents over sixty five years old. Banks Peninsula is a beautiful area of New Zealand to visit and spend a nice holiday.



Banks Peninsula




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