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John Logan Campbell is known in Auckland as the “Father of Auckland”. John Logan Campbell is one of the first settlers arriving from Europe in Auckland. Sir John Logan Campbell donated the Cornwall Park the New Zealanders. He is also buried in the park on the top of the One Tree Hill. The Maori call the hill Maungakiekie (hill of the kiekie vine), mountain of the kiekie. The Cornwall Park is open o public as from seven o’clock in the morning. The park can be enjoyed by everyone; there are a variety of activities that can be done in the park. You can also have a walk with your dog. The park has also toilet facilities. The park has been named after the duke and duchess of Cornwall and York. They visited Australia and New Zealand in 1901 and it was during their visit that John Logan Campbell gifted the park to the New Zealanders.



Auckland John Logan Campell




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