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The Cornwall Epsom Park is located in Auckland, New Zealand. The Park is also known as the One Tree Hill. The donor of the park is Sir John Lagan Campbell. He is buried at the top of the One Tree Hill close to the obelisk. The Maoris call the hill Maungakiekie which means mountain of the Kiekie. The park is open everyday to the public as from seven in the morning and free of charge. When you are in Auckland the park is accessible from Campbell Road, Manukau Road or Greenland Road. The Park is also very popular for celebrating weddings. The park offers a lot of interesting facilities and activities to tourists and Auckland inhabitants as jogging, cycling, walking, picnicking, bowls, archery, birdwatching, cricket, tennis and more. The Cornwall Park has trees that have been planted over the past one hundred and fifty years.



Auckland Cornwall Epsom Park




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