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Auckland is often called the City of Sails. Auckland is also considered as the main gateway of New Zealand. The city of sails has a variety of attractions, activities, nightclubs and adventures to offer the tourists visiting this city. The Maoris, also the first inhabitants of New Zealand, call Auckland Tamaki Makau Rau which means the city of hundred lovers. This name was given to the city because it seems that it is a place that many conquered and desired. The legend says that first settlers were the magical Turehu people. Some places to visit or some things to do during your vacation is the Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, the Butterfly Creek, the Auckland Zoo, the Auckland Domain, the Auckland Bridge Climb for those who like adventure or the awol canyoning, for those who like shopping you may go to the Botany Town centre, the Chancery, or if you like chocolates do not miss to visit Devonport Chocolates it is a must. Devonport Chocolates are very famous in New Zealand. In the city of sails you are never short of things to do.



Auckland City of Sails




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