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On this page you will discover pictures of animals that you may find in New Zealand on both North and South Island. On this particular picture you can see a bull sitting in the green grasses. A bull is an intact adult male cattle. Young cattle are usually called calves and young male is a bull calf. Heifer is how a young female is called when she has not calved for a second time. In America male cattle which are raised for meat are castrated and are called steer or bullock. The ox, oxen for plural, are big and heavy from the Bos Taurus cattle breed are mostly used for draft as transport, plowing, irrigating, wagon drawing and hauling cargo. They are most of the time castrated.  A cow is an adult female of over two years old. Cattle are raised for milk, meat and hides. Some cattle are used for sports and draft. In New Zealand farming is one of the main industries of this country. Sheep farming is very common in New Zealand for its meat and wool. New Zealand is one of the countries in the world considered to produce the strongest wool. The most and best breed in New Zealand is the Romney.







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